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2020 Polestar Precept Concept by Berke Çetinkaya

Polestar’s new concept has been released recently after their first two cars Polestar 1 and Polestar 2. This car really shows the buyers about Polestar’s company philosophy. In this car, Polestar has used sustainable materials in this car. They reduced plastic and used some environmentally friendly products. The company has defined a new premium that left the convention of leather, chrome, and wood behind. So these will be the aesthetics of the electric age, high-tech minimalism that redefines luxury for a sustainable decade. As I mentioned before this concept shows us the company’s vision, and it is “ Sustainability is not limited to the electric drivetrain. In the production of the Precept, Polestar company always takes care of what is left of the car in the recycling process, because this makes a fully sustainable chain of mobility. Let’s look at some interior features of the Polestar Precept. The Polestar company added the Animated proximity sensing. When your hand comes closer to the screen, more buttons pop up because the sensors understand that you are going to touch the screen. Another interior feature of the Polestar Precept is the Eye Tracking system for safety. The car monitors the driver’s health status, and takes appropriate action such as warning or speed reduction. For example, if you are on a long trip and if you are sleepy, by this system, the car gives reactions and wakes you up or reduces its speed. Another innovative interior feature of the Precept is its Driver Dedicated Monitor. The monitor’s pilot assist system is combined with Google Maps data so it is more reliable. Added to this Google Maps data, the monitor also shows turn by turn navigation so it is embedded into a fully contextualized navigation. Let’s look at an exterior feature about Polestar that has started a new era in the definition of engines. The era of the combustion engines have changed by the Polestar Precept. The combustion engines were defined by black holes for air intakes and cooling. However, the face of Polestar Precept doesn’t include black holes. The face of

Polestar is defined by a system called SmartZone. In this system, all the technology for safety sensors and pilot assistance are purposefully gathered. So, the Polestar Precept has started a new era in the company and also in the car industry. The car is fully innovative and also sustainable. The reduction of plastic usage makes this car environmentally friendly. To conclude, The Polestar company’s new concept car: Polestar Precept, made a big innovation in the Polestar company and also in the industry of electric cars. If we can drive it, maybe we can save the world from some fossil fuels by the help of the Smart Zone. Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar says “ It is a new era and the Polestar precept is the messenger of what is to come and remainder that our journey has just begun.”. Don’t forget to follow our instagram page for more car pictures and information: @mamba_cars

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