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Delay of Gratification by Bora Baykal

By just looking at the title, most probably, some of you can’t understand what I am going to talk about in this writing. Delaying Gratification is resisting your impulse behavior to take the normal thing right now but having the better ones in the future. Basically it is just patience but in more academic words, it is self-control and self-regulation. We’ll go through more in the rest of this study.

Many experiments have been conducted about the delay of gratification throughout history. Although it is already proved, let’s first look at the logical side of it. Besides self-control and self-regulation, waiting has become one of the most important psychological problems in today’s world. Think about how much effort we all make when Youtube’s 5 seconds video shows up. Since we have become very familiar with technology, we want everything to be ready immediately. This is both good and bad from different perspectives. For example, the development of technology and, we, capable of having everything where and when we want is a sure good thing. On the other hand, not able to wait for something and not having a constant patience is a negative impact on society. If you are not satisfied with these yet, let’s get to the facts. According to research conducted in 1972 at Stanford University guided by a psychologist Walter Mischel, people controlling delayed gratification has a promising future on their academic tests and overall lives. In this study, 32 children had been offered five pretzels and two animal crackers. Regarding what the children preferred, it had been said that they could eat the other one, but if they wait for a while they could get their favorite one. It had been observed that many children closed their eyes or tried to look the other way. They just didn’t want to see the food in order to prevent any possible impulsive behavior to take the food on the table. Even though the scientists had predicted the opposite than the results, the actual outcome is very promising. It was remarked that many children especially the ones, who just tried to focus on the future award and didn’t pay attention to the food that was attracting them, are capable of controlling themselves. As I said, it is somehow patience but also there is one triggering attempt that distracts children’s minds. Moreover, in the upcoming studies of this experiment, it was pointed out that children, who are capable of controlling their impulsive behavior, had greater results in SATs and overall life outcomes.

To sum up, delay of gratification is a significant feature that enables people to have more promising results in their life. This patience and power of controlling yourself is a major favor to yourself at first. I wish everyone has this. Hope you enjoyed it!!!!


- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_marshmallow_experiment

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