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Happy Mother's Day!

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Hello guys, I know I am a little bit late for writing about Mother’s Day but I just have enough time to write it. Sorry for that but hopefully you are not having just one great day with your moms since it is Mother’s Day. I believe these specific days are symbolism for us to remember the importance of the things and people in our lives rather than just celebrating one day and continue ignoring all the other time.

As you can understand from the title, this writing is going to be about where Mother’s Day come from and different celebrations on Mother’s Day.

Let’s dive into the topic very quickly because I want this writing to be short and satisfying. Maybe you already know how first Mother’s Day occurred but here is the brief story of it. The very first Mother’s Day has started in the United States in 1908. However, there were some myths and believes that something similar to Mother’s Day was going around for many years. However, a little before 1908 a woman named Anna Jarvis and her mother talked about their wish about having a pleasurable day for all mothers. However, Anna Jarvis lost his mother later on and in order to proud her, she made her sincere desire come true. That’s how the first Mother’s Day celebration started. Since that day, officially, Mother’s Day has been celebrating all around the world.

As I said, even before 1908, the day that Anna Jarvis celebrated the very first Mother’s Day, there was some kind of similar activities. Probably that’s why many different countries celebrate Mother’s Day different dates. One of the different occurrences that evolved to Mother’s Day is in the UK. Normally UK people were going to the church and visiting their “mother” church the day that is currently Mother’s Day in the UK. However, later on, that day changed to Mother’s Day. I believe dates are not important as long as our intentions are the same.

All in all here is a brief story about Mother’s Day and I appreciate that all mothers who are with us when and where we need and take care of us. Happy Mother's Day!!!

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