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Mvp Race in NBA

Nba is by far the most popular basketball league in the world. Many stars came and passed like Micheal Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant. 2019- 2020 NBA season has started pretty intensely. There were a lot of high-quality teams like Lakers, Bucks, Rockets, Clippers, and Celtics. These teams have competed until the Corona break. Therefore I wanted to make a quick analysis of the MVP race in the NBA and the chance of players winning this prestigious award.

Lebron James:

If we are talking about the NBA we can not ignore the King: Lebron. He was having a great season with Lakers. He played 60 out of 63 matches for Lakers and averaged 25.7 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 10.6 assists per game. Lakers is the leader of the West Conference. They have a 49-14 record and 0.77 winning percentage. Lebron was also the assist leader and his closest opponent was Trae Young who averaged 9.3 assists per game. Moreover, his field goal percentage is %49.8 which means that he achieved nearly one basket out of every two trials.

Giannis Antetokounmpo:

Giannis is probably having the biggest chance with Lebron among other candidates. He was having his best season by far. He averaged 29.6 points, 13.7 rebounds, and 5.8 assists per game. What makes this stat crazy is that he was just averaging 30.9 minutes per game which was insane. He also had 53-12 record with his team, Bucks, and 0.81 winning percentage. Moreover, he was the most efficient player in the NBA.

James Harden:

No one can deny James Harden's scoring talent. He averaged 34.4 points per game, and also he was the only player to average over 30 points during this season. However, there were two things that made people think he was not gonna win the MVP reward. Firstly, he shot many bricks. Although his average field goal percentage is 0.43 and 3-point field goal 0.35, shooting 33 and missing 22 is not as same as, shooting 3 and missing 2. The second reason why he was not the main candidate for this award is his inconsistent graph with Houston despite having good teammates like Westbrook and Capela. He was having a decent season with Houston Rockets. Their record was 40-24 and they were placed 6th in the west conference. However, it may not be enough for being MVP of the season.

Luka Dončić:

Although he was 21 years old and this was his second season in the NBA, he gave signals that he will probably be the new face of the NBA after the retirement of Lebron James. He made the mediocre Mavericks team rise from their ashes. He averaged 28.7 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 8.5 assists per game which is really close to triple-double stats every single game. His record with Dallas is 40-27 which is really good for Mavericks considering that they couldn't reach playoffs for a very long time.

In conclusion, MVP race between these players was pretty intense, and exciting until the Corona outbreak. Hopefully, the situation we all going through will pass soon, and we can enjoy watching NBA, and these high-quality players again.

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